How we started

“Vision for health” is an adage that is the foundation of VISION BODY CARE PVT. LTD.In this fast-paced world, everyone is running to accumulate comforts and securing a luxurious future. But if present is so stressful, is there any guarantee that you have a future leave aside a comfortable future?

These thoughts triggered MR. PRABHPREET SINGH to do something that will give maximum health benefits and financial gain. Seldom one comes across an organisation that aims to work on the deteriorating health of the people and contribute towards the betterment of the society, but VISIONO was established with a mission to make every individual Fit and Financially Independent.

VISIONO aims to provide people with an opportunity to start their own business and be their own Boss. VISIONO came into existence on 11 nov, 1999 with Mr. PRABHPREET SINGH as Managing Director geared up to embark their journey towards, “ Healthy Living with Herbal Products.”

It enabled people to partner with VISIONO and build their own Network Marketing Business without worrying about financial constraints. The herbal products are not just immunity builders or energy boosters rather VISIONO has developed herbal remedies for every disease from common cold to chronic diseases to skin care products.

Why Should You Choose Visiono

VISIONO came into existence with a vision to promote sustainable growth of indigenous and eco-friendly products that will help people to live in a congenial environment. Normally, it is observed that while manufacturing of allopathic medicines animal fat is used which produces harmful chemicals and radiations resulting in a hazardous effect on natural resources and the environment.

So, VISIONO came up with a novel concept of launching consumer products in food, skin care, hair care, beauty and personal care section that are organic and vegan. VISIONO manufactures a diverse range of consumer products for daily consumption that are produced in an eco-friendly environment.

VISIONO is an GMP Certified Company committed to providing products made from the ancient science of Ayurveda that uses various combinations of herbs and plants to cure the diseases and maintain health.

Reason For Using Visiono Product

Good quality products

Vision is not just a name. They serve good quality as well.Most of these products are either Herbal or made from organic food. they are good for your health.From medicine to nutrition to personal care, home care to health care and FOOD supplements, Visiono has everything in their stores.

Easily available

Visiono branches are opening everywhere in India now. And you’ll find their popular   products. That’s not all. Visiono is available online as well.Most of the products sold by Visiono are very cost effective. They sell everything at the best possible rates in the market. So, you can actually save some money while shopping.We offer fantastic shopping deals on regular basis so as to make your shopping experience with Organic Shop even more enjoyable. Our long associations with our trusted brand partners allow us to launch special, exclusive discounts on organic products, biggest promotions on natural and herbal products, seasonal discounts on organic products and various discounts on special days.

Regular quality check

Visiono has special project teams working on Total Quality Management (TQM), which keep eyes on quality of every products made at the plant. They ensure that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.According GOVT. LAWS AND PEOPLE HEALTH CONCERN, VISIONO follows principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in their plant.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality of Visiono Herbal Products Herbal remedies are the components of the alternative treatment methods and it encompasses the use of different plants and their extract for treating different disorders and also for ensuring the health of individuals. As it is a safe treatment method, it is gaining recognition among health care providers from around the globe.


Generally, the herbs used for creating HERBAL PRODUCTS for different problems are purely natural and they are safe to use. In general, in the manufacture of the best natural health supplements, herbal companies make use of time-tested ingredients that are safe for the human body and this is why, unlike other forms of medicines, this natural medicine does not cause any side-effects. Also, the effectiveness has been proven in different circumstances and a wide range of researches are conducted before herbal products are introduced to the market.


Pure natural supplements and remedies give a lot of benefit to the users. In addition to solving the issue for which they are actually intended, they bring several other health benefits too. The great thing here is that these remedies do not interfere with the natural healing process of the body.

Natural healing

The herbal products do not get into the natural healing properties of the body as mentioned earlier and they enhance the biological healing machinery, in such a way that the process of recovery gets accelerated. The body will be in a position to maintain an ideal internal mechanism that is highly important for recovery. The different natural ingredients used in these products stimulate different glands in such a way that appropriate hormones are activated, which in turn carry the appropriate signal to the suitable parts for inducing certain biological processes, such that the process of healing takes place.

Continued benefits

The best natural health supplements generally recommend that people should follow a healthy lifestyle. So, the herbalists suggest people some healthy change in their lifestyle, which in turn can prepare the body to respond rightly for the treatment in a desirable manner. When these changes become regular habits even after recovery, the chances of the future occurrence of the problem are also eliminated

Better immunity

As they can enhance the natural healing process of the human body and they correct the bad habit that leads to ill health, they can play a major role in strengthening the immune system. The unhealthy immune system generally acts as the reason behind many ailments in people and when an improvement is brought about in this system, they can stay healthy and active.

In short, VISIONO HERBAL PRODUCTS can play a major role not only in solving the problem for which they are taken, but they will also ensure overall healthy lifestyle.


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Consumer Oriented

VISIONO is a consumer-oriented company that aims to satisfy their customers to the fullest. We are driven to make a strong network base of satisfied customers and business partners and hence go out of our way to cater to the needs of the customers. Whether it is our products or services, we aim to provide nothing but the best and take pride in being first Indian Company with a large network of satisfied customers and business associates.

Train to Lead

We aim to build future leaders. Training is an important part of success, and we train our business associates to tap into their full potential and achieve their targets. It will not only help them to achieve their goals but also live a comfortable and luxurious life.

Team Spirit and Unity

We at VISIONO believe in creating leaders who work together to achieve personal and organisational goals. Being an Indian Company, we hold on to our traditional values and make sure that our business associates work in unity and address to the issues and nip them from the root. In order to grow on a large scale, it is essential to growing together, and that is what we strive to achieve.

Integrated Efforts towards Excellence

At the end of the day everyone wants to be successful and aspires to live a comfortable life. We at VISIONO help people irrespective of their caste, gender or background to work and network with people. This will help them to have a better standard of living and live a luxurious life on their terms.